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Mistakes in English 5

Some Malaysian expressions and words

which are not standard English:

running dog


Local use: The man horned loudly.

Standard English: The man sounded his horn loudly.

In standard English, horn is a noun, not a verb.


Local use: Chop this form, please.

Standard English: Please stamp this form.

In standard English, chop means “to cut into pieces”.


Local use: Please off the lights when you leave the room.

Standard English: Please switch off the lights when you leave the room.

In standard English, on and off are not verbs.


Local use: We cannot cut buses on this busy road.

Standard English: We cannot pass (or overtake) buses on this busy road.


Local use: Open the lights. Open the screw.

Standard English: Switch on the lights. Loosen the screw.

In standard English we cannot “open the lights”, though we can “open the door”.


Local use: I will follow you to the party,

Standard English: I will go with you to the party.

In standard English, follow means “to go behind”.


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