Words associated with “hold”

The following words associated with holding can enrich your language and hold the attention of your listeners when you speak.

1. Clutch

A tight hold on something

She clutches her bag whenever she is caught in a crowd.

2. Cling

To hold something or someone tightly for safety

The toddler clings to his mother tightly when he is afraid.

3. Grasp

To hold something firmly

He grasped the rope tightly in the tug-of-war.

a. To grasp a chance or an opportunity is to quickly use an opportunity

After his sickness he grasped the opportunity to apply for a transfer.

b. Ability to understand a complicated idea or situation

She has a good grasp of Organic Chemistry.

c. Something which is beyond your grasp is too difficult for you to understand

Physics is beyond my grasp.

4. Grip

a. To hold something tightly

I gripped the bus seat tightly as it swerved suddenly.

b. To have a strong effect on someone or something

Fear gripped me when I saw a cockroach in my kitchen.

The country was gripped by political upheaval after the elections.


Very exciting and interesting

The psychological thriller is a gripping tale of suspense and fear.

5. Cradle

To hold something gently in your hands or arms as if to protect it

She cradled her baby lovingly in her arms.

6. Embrace

a. To hold someone close to you as a sign of love

Both mother and son embraced as they were reunited after five years.

b. To start to believe in a religion or political system

Finally, he embraced Islam in order to marry Minah.

Happy Learning

Uncle Teng

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