” round ” phrasal verbs expression

Simple Line

1. Enough to go round

Enough for everyone.

Are there enough drinks to go round?

2. Round the corner

Not far away.

There is a bakery round the corner.

3. Round the clock

24 hours – both day and night.

The 7-eleven shop is open round the clock.

4. Rounds

Visits that someone makes regularly as part of his job.

The physician is out on his morning rounds now.

5. Round of applause

Period when people are clapping to show they enjoy a performance.

There was a thunderous round of applause with whistles and

shouts at the end of the concert.

6. Daily round

Things you have to do every day.

My daily round of cooking, washing and cleaning keeps me busy for hours.

7. Round table

A round table discussion or meeting is one in which everyone can talk about things in an equal way.

The rulers had a round table conference to discuss the latest laws.

8. Round robin

A competition in which every player or team plays against each of the other players or teams.

Many football competitions are first held on a round robin basis within groups before the later knock-out stages.

9. Round trip

A journey to a place and back again.

The round trip to Emerald Bay takes about two hours.

10. Roundup

A roundup of people means they are captured or arrested by the police or army and brought to one place.

Every now and then there is a roundup of drug addicts on the streets in certain seedy areas.

11. Square

An open area in the middle of a town.

The Dam Square in Amsterdam is a bustling commercial hub.

12. Be back to square one

To be back in the same situation from which you started with no progress.

His shop was burnt so his business is back to square one.

13. A square

An old-fashioned person who is not interested in the latest styles or music.

The girls found Keith boring because he is a square.

14. Square somebody

To pay somebody to do what you want.

We have to square the driver extra fare for waiting twenty minutes.

15. Square your shoulders

Push back your shoulders while keeping your back straight to show your determination.

He squared his shoulders and walked into the squash court with confidence.

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Uncle Teng

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