Active and Passive Voice ( Sentences without agents )

Active and Passive Voice

Sentences without agents

1. Sometimes, a passive sentence does not contain an agent.

This is because we do not know who or what did the action.


Henry’s office was burgled yesterday.


2. When the agent of an action is unimportant,

We can leave it out when the sentence is in the passive voice.


People warned us about the dangerous areas in that city.

We were warned about the dangerous areas in that city by people.


3. We usually leave out the agent in a passive sentence if the person or thing that did the action is obvious.


Ellen writes her essays with humour and wit.

Ellen’s essays are written with humour and wit by Ellen.


4. We usually use the passive voice to describe a scientific experiment or a process and leave out the agent because our focus is on what happens and not on who or what does the action.


The can of pineapple cubes are sent on a conveyor belt by someone to a machine where they are sealed by the machine.

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