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Health Risks from Po Chai Pills

Pls pass this info to Chinese comunities overseas esp in N. America,Europe, Australia, SE Asia (eg Indonesia) where Po Chai pills are household over-the-counter all purpose “medicine”, used to be in family medicine cabinets.  Well meaning moms, grandmothers give these to kids studying abroad.

Hong Kong Pulls Po Chai Pills because of Health Risks, Morning Post Says 
2010-03-25 01:49:27.289 GMT  By Frederik Balfour 

March 25 (Bloomberg) – Hong Kong ‘s Department of Health has instructed traditional Chinese medicine maker Li Chung Shing Tong (Holdings) to recall Po Chai pills after they were found to contain banned substances in Singapore, the South China Morning Post said.

The pills, popular among sufferers from digestion problems, were found to contain phenolphthalein and sibutramine, substances that can lead to serious side effects, according to a department spokesman, the newspaper said.

“Po Chai” (see images below) have been banned in Singapore. They are also being recalled in Hong Kong.

Apart from the two dangerous chemicals (phenolphthalein and sibutramine) found by the Singapore Govt., mercury is another component used in the manufacture of the pills ! 

Mercury can cause serious brain damage:

The following is prevalent in Malaysia and Spore.
At shop malls, do not drink the drink sold from the Chinese golden drums, those little shop with rich-looking urns selling those “anti-heaty” tea and tea & herbal-steamed eggs. 
As well, by roadsides everywhere, where the guy asks if you would like to kar liew (add powder) 
Pass this message to friends and family. 
Consume it often, and your bone marrow will go porous and weak. 
 My friend’s wife, in Pudu, is now with one leg shorter after hip-joint replacement. She is 40-over years, and drank jln.Pasar’s “kar liew” for years.

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