Proverbs 1

FILL in the blanks to complete the proverbs below:

1. A _____ tongue makes a wise head.

(a) thick            (b) still                 (c) forked

2. Some are wise and some are _____.

(a) slow             (b) foolish           (c) otherwise

3. A bad _____ makes a bad ending.

(a) plan             (b) beginning    (c) plot

4. All roads lead to _____.

(a) Rome           (b) Paris            (c) London

5. Cast not the first _____.

(a) marble         (b) pebble         (c) stone

6. Even a _____ will turn.

(a) worm           (b) caterpillar   (c) grub

7. A _____ purse makes a light heart.

(a) leather        (b) heavy             (c) lean

8. Learn to walk before you _____.

(a) dance           (b) jump              (c) run

9. _____ have ears.

(a) Walls            (b) Floors           (c) Windows

10. The sun is never the worse for shining on a _____.

(a) rubbish heap      (b) dump       (c) dunghill

11. You cannot make a crab walk _____.

(a) sideways            (b) straight     (c) backwards

12. Don’t cry stinking _____.

(a) meat                    (b) rich            (c) fish

13. _____ men find the most time.

(a) Laziest                (b) Busiest      (c) Wise

14. The _____ path is the safest.

(a) beaten               (b) widest         (c) lighted

15. You cannot make _____ without breaking eggs.

(a) a pancake         (b) noodles     (c) an omelette


1. (b) still.

A person learns more if he does not talk much but listens to other people.

2. (c) otherwise.

Some people are wise, and others are not.

3. (b) beginning.

If you start a thing badly, you will never achieve a good result.

4. (a) Rome.

The same result can be achieved by different methods.

5. (c) stone.

Before condemning a wrongdoer, ask yourself if your own conduct has been irreproachable.

6. (a) worm.

However meek a person is, he will retaliate if driven too far.

7. (b) heavy.

If you have no money troubles, you will feel cheerful and secure.

8. (c) run.

Don’t try to do too much when you are learning something new. Do it step by step.

9. (a) Walls.

Pay attention to what you say and where you say it.

10. (c) dunghill.

Moral people are not corrupted by their surroundings.

11. (b) straight.

You can’t change a person’s character.

12. (c) fish.

Don’t belittle your own efforts.

13. (b) Busiest.

Hard-working people get their work done efficiently and therefore have more time to do something more.

14. (a) beaten.

Instead of taking risks, you should gain from the experience of others.

15. (c) an omelette.

If you want to achieve something important, you often have to make sacrifices.


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