Adjectives ending with ‘ed’ & ‘ing’

1. a)

An “ing” adjective usually describes a thing or situation.

An “ed” adjective usually describes how a person or an animal feels.


Mary wore a frightening mask. (Describes the mask)

John saw the mask. The frightened boy hid behind his mother. (Describes how the boy feels)



An “ed” adjective can also indicate something is already completed or

Someone has already done something.


The workers packed the canned fruit in the large boxes.


Some “ing” and “ed” adjectives have comparative and superlative forms.

We use more and most with these forms.


Liza’s essay is more interesting than Dora’s.

Lucy’s essay is the most interesting in the class.

Teenagers are more interested in modern music than classical music.

Teenagers are most interested in pop music.



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