Irregular Verbs







Present Participle

1 arise arose arising arisen
2 be was being been
3 bear bore bearing borne
4 beat beat beating beaten
5 begin began beginning begun
6 bind bound binding bound
7 bite bit biting bitten
8 bleed bled bleeding bled
9 blow blew blowing blown
10 break broke breaking broken
11 bring brought bringing brought
12 broadcast broadcast broadcasting broadcast
13 cling clung clinging clung
14 cost cost costing cost
15 creep crept creeping crept
16 cut cut cutting cut
17 deal dealt dealing dealt
18 do did doing done
19 dream dreamed/dreamt dreaming dreamed/dreamt
20 drink drank drinking drunk
21 drive drove driving driven
22 fall fell falling fallen
23 feed fed feeding fed
24 feel felt feeling felt
25 find found finding found
26 fly flew flying flown
27 forbid forbade forbidding forbidden
28 forget forgot forgetting forgotten
29 freeze froze freezing frozen
30 give gave giving given
31 go went going gone
32 grind ground grinding ground
33 hear heard hearing heard
34 hide hid hiding hidden
35 hold held holding held
36 know knew knowing known
37 lay laid laying laid
38 lead led leading led
39 leave left leaving left
40 lend lent lending lent
41 let let letting let
42 lie (lie down) lay laying lain
43 lie (tell a lie) lied lying lied
44 mean meant meaning meant
45 mistake mistook mistaking mistaken
46 mow mowed mowing mowed/mown
47 outgrow outgrew outgrowing outgrown
48 oversleep overslept oversleeping overslept
49 panic panicked panicking panicked
50 pay paid paying paid
51 picnic picnicked picnicking picnicked
52 quit quit quitting quit
53 read read reading read
54 ride rode riding ridden
55 ring rang ringing rung
56 rise rose rising risen
57 run ran running run
58 see saw seeing seen
59 seek sought seeking sought
60 sell sold selling sold
61 sew sewed sewing sewn
62 shake shook shaking shaken
63 shed shed shedding shed
64 shine shone shinning shone
65 shrink shrank shrinking shrunk
66 shut shut shutting shut
67 sing sang singing sung
68 slide slid sliding slid
69 sling slung slinging slung
70 smell smelt smelling smelt
71 speak spoke speaking spoken
72 speed sped/speeded speeding sped/speeded
73 spell spelt/spelled spelling spelt/spelled
74 spend spent spending spent
75 spin spun spinning spun
76 spoil spoilt spoiling spoilt
77 spring sprang springing sprung
78 stand stood standing stood
79 steal stole stealing stolen
80 stick stuck sticking stuck
81 stink stank stinking stunk
82 strike struck striking struck
83 swear swore swearing sworn
84 swell swelled swelling swollen
85 swim swam swimming swum
86 swing swung swinging swung
87 take took taking taken
88 teach taught teaching taught
89 tear tore tearing torn
90 tell told telling told
91 think thought thinking thought
92 throw threw throwing thrown
93 tie tied tying tied
94 tread trod treading trodden
95 upset upset upsetting upset
96 wake woke waking woken
97 wear wore wearing worn
98 weave weaved weaving woven
99 weep wept weeping wept
100 zip zipped zipping zipped

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