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Benefits of sweet potatoes

SWEET POTATO (kamote) 

Did you know that SWEET POTATO (kamote) far exceeds the nutrition and health values of rice?

Here are the benefits of substituting rice with kamote: 1.    Sweet potato is more filling and suppresses hunger pangs longer. It is also cheaper than rice.

2.    Unlike rice, it is easy to grow. It grows in backyards with or without fertilizers.

3.    Unlike rice which needs to be eaten with a dish, Sweet Potato tastes good and can be eaten by itself. Thus, substituting rice with sweet potato saves money for other needs.

4.    Rice cannot match the nutritional values of potato. Because rice converts to sugar in the body, the Philippines register as a top producer of diabetics in the world. The poor tends to load up on rice and less on the dish which are more expensive. That makes them vulnerable to diabetes, an ailment known in developed countries as a rich man’s disease.

5.    The nutritional values of a 3 oz. baked sweet potato are: calories 90, fat 0 g, saturated fat 0 g, cholesterol 0 mg, carbohydrate 21 g, protein 2 g, dietary fiber 3 g, sodium 36 mg, vitamin A 19,218 IU, folic acid 6 micrograms, pantothenic acid 1 mg, vitamin B6 <1 mg, vitamin C 20 mg, vitamin E 1 mg, calcium 38 mg, manganese 1 mg, carotenoids 11,552 mcg, potassium 475 mg and magnesium 45 mg. Compare that to a 100 g serving of white rice with: calories 361 kcal, water 10.2 g, total fat 0.8 g, dietary fiber 0.6 g, calcium 8 mg, phosphorous 87 mg, potassium 111 mg, sodium 31 mg, vitamin B1 0.07 mg, vitamin B2 0.02 mg, niacin 1.8 g, protein 6 g and carbohydrates 82 g.

6.    Too much rice consumption can make you sick, but sweet potato(kamote) can bring you to health and keep away some health problems. These have been proved medically.

Believe it or not

– Sweet Potato (kamote) lowers hypertension,

bad cholesterol and even blood sugar when eaten as SUBSTITUTE TO RICE!

The purple sweet potato (kamote) is particularly effective for lowering hypertension.

The Korean medical documentary credits the sweet potato (kamote) as high fiber and is one of the best foods that one can eat to prevent cancer!

Many of them even call the sweet Potato a “super food that heals.”


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