Pleasant words to compliment friends

Some words when you need to compliment someone appropriately.


1. Svelte – slim and attractive

Celia is svelte and dresses like a super model.

2. Willowly – tall, thin and attractive

The willowly ballerinas look very beautiful.

3. Vivacious – lively, exciting and attractive

Jane Fonda is still vivacious although she is 72.

4. Petite – small-sized

French women are more petite and fashion conscious.

5. Sultry – attractive in a way which suggests hidden passion

Angelina Jolie is sultry with her sensual lips.

6. Slim – thin in a way that is attractive

She looks slim and elegant in her cheong sam.

7. Amiable – friendly and pleasant to be with

Rani is an amiable girl who gets along well with everyone.

8. Bubbly – lively, cheerful and talks a lot.

Her bubbly character makes her the live wire of any party.

9. Effervescent – lively, entertaining, exciting, enthusiastic

Her effervescent character made her a good public speaker.

10. Affable – pleasant and friendly

An air stewardess should be affable and welcoming.

11. Exuberant – full of energy, excitement and cheerful

She is an exuberant girl who can work fast and efficiently.

12. Sparky – entertaining and lively

Everyone enjoys talking to Kevin because he is sparky.

13. Genial – kind and friendly

His genial disposition makes him a popular student in school.

14. Nonchalant – not worried about and appearing calm

Rina is nonchalant about her job interview tomorrow.

15. Gracious – very well-mannered and pleasant

Her party is a success because she is a gracious hostess.

16. Flamboyant – very noticeable, stylish and exciting

Princess Diana was the most photographed woman in the world as she was flamboyant and elegant.

17. Charming – to behave in a friendly and pleasant way that makes people like them.

This salesman can be very charming to his customers.

18. Demure – quiet, shy in a way you find appealing

Princess Grace Kelly was a demure beauty who was a screen favourite.

19. Polished – confident and behaves well socially

After her overseas education May is more polished.

20. Refined – very polite, with good manners and good taste.

Her excellent upbringing is reflected in her refined way of speaking and dressing.

21. Ravishing – very beautiful

Nicole Kidman with her flawless complexion is a ravishing beauty.

22. Breezy – behaving in a casual, cheerful and confident manner

With her breezy personality, Sonia can make friends easily.

23. Buoyant – If you are in a buoyant mood you feel cheerful and behave in a lively way.

Feeling buoyant after some drinks Peter sang and danced on stage.

24. Distinguished – look noble and respectable

Besides the Chief Minister there are many distinguished guests.

25. Spirited – active, lively and confident

Mike was chosen as the class monitor as he is a spirited boy.


  1. Aanya said

    I like it….

    • Uncle Teng said

      You’re always welcome.

  2. Emily said

    get more words you meanie i have to use awesome words for school project that we HAVE TO DO AND I NEED MORE WWWOOORRRDDDSSS!!!!!!!!

  3. Aditi said

    Thanks & really impressive 👍

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