‘at’ , ‘on’ or ‘for’

Which preposition?

Could you tell me which of these sentences are correct?

1. a) She knocked at the door; b) She knocked on the door.

2. a) She was late for school; b) She was late to school.

3. a) She is pointing at the crab; b) She is pointing to the crab.


All the sentences are correct.

1. You can say “knock at” or “knock on” a door, although

“knock on” is more commonly used.

2. “Late for school” and “late to school” are both correct.

Q: What if my child is late to school?

A: Arriving late for school is an obvious bad start to the day …

3. You can say either “pointing at” or “pointing to”, although the latter is more commonly used.


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