Words associated with walking

WHETHER it is walking proudly, weakly or unsteadily,

 walk the walk in using the right word in speaking or writing.

Here are some expressions related to the act of walking.

1. He tried to ______ away when he saw his ex-wife enter the room.

A slink      B march       C wade         D stagger

2. The scouts are beginning to ______ because they are exhausted after their jamboree.

A slink      B roam         C slouch      D saunter

 3. The guard caught a man who tried to ________ away after stealing a pair of shoes.

A roam     B sneak        C prowl        D wade

4. In anger, he __________ out of the office as his design was rejected.

A stamped         B strolled       C prowled       D waded

5. The manager ________ around, barking out orders to his staff.

A roams         B wanders        C struts              D slinks

6. Jane wanted to _______ around her office to show off her new shoes.

 A stagger      B swagger       C slouch       D slink

7. He was ________ home at 3am in the morning because he was drunk.

 A staggering       B swaggering        C strolling              

D strutting

8. My father is watching television, so I will _________ upstairs if I get home late.

 A slouch       B pace         C tiptoe       D strut

 9. Rachel is beginning to ________ so someone must hold her all the time.

 A strut         B swagger          C sneak        D toddle

10. The injured soldier managed to _______ back to his camp.

A stroll         B strut        C slouch         D totter

11. We _______ the streets for an hour before we found a restaurant.

A slouched        B sneaked         C tramped          D tottered

 12. The children will _______ across the field to the canteen.

A stride        B wade         C slouch          D prowl

13. The students will _______ behind their teacher during their field trip.

A strut     B trot         C prowl        D sneak

14. He looks very funny as he ________ like a duck.

 A slinks        B staggers             C wades        D waddles

15. I have seen a dirty vagabond who ______around town.

A struts        B swaggers             C wanders        D tiptoe



1. A slink                     2. C slouch                3. B sneak

4. A stamped             5. C struts                  6. B swagger

 7. A staggering        8. C tiptoe                  9. D toddle

10. D totter                11. C tramped           12. A stride

13. B trot                     14. D waddles          15. C wanders

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  1. Nura Hamisu Adam said

    That’s good expression related to different types of walking. I can now be careful abt my steps.

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