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Strategies for reading

Strategies for reading


  1. Be familiar with the direction. – Every test has it own direction, so do not waste time reading it.

  2. Do not worry if the reading passage is a topic that is not familiar to you – all the information that you need to answer the questions is included in the passages.

  3. Do not spend too much time reading the passages. –

  4. Skim each passage for main idea and topic.

  5. Look at each question to determine what type of question it is.-

  6. For vocabulary questions – the target word will be highlighted.

  7. For overall ideas questions, focus on the main ideas rather than the details of the passage.

  8. Choose the best answer – use elimination.

  9. Do not spend too much time on a question you are completely unsure of.

  10. Monitor the time carefully.

  11. Guess to complete all the questions before the time is up.



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