Confusing words

Confusing words


1. (a) badly (adv.): to a great or serious degree; in a bad manner (He played the game badly).

(b) bad (adj.): guilty; ashamed. (This word has many other meanings.)

2. (a) while (n.): a (short) period of time.

(b) awhile (adv.): for a short time. (This word is never preceded by the preposition “for”.)

3. (a) purposefully (adv.): determinedly.

(b) purposely (adv.): intentionally; with an express purpose.

4. (a) ingenious (adj.): clever; inventive.

(b) ingenuous (adj.): innocent; naïve.

5. (a) alternative (n.): another choice.

(b) alternate (adj.): every other one.

6. (a) shameless (adj.): showing a lack of shame.

(b) shameful (adj.): deserving or causing shame.

7. (a) energising (adj.): giving vitality or energy.

(b) enervating (adj.): physically weakening.

8. (a) every day (adv. phrase): without missing a day.

(b) everyday (adj.): daily; commonplace.

9. (a) afflict (v.): (of an illness or problem) cause pain, suffering or distress to.

(b) inflict (v): force or impose (something unpleasant or burdensome) on someone.

10. (a) credible (adj.): believable; convincing.

(b) credulous (adj.): gullible.

11. (a) continual (adj.): very frequent; always happening; occurring at short intervals.

(b) continuous (adj.): uninterrupted; unbroken.



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