Words associated with sound

Words associate with sound

1. She ___ in amusement when she saw her son’s red hair.

A. chuckled B. whined C. purred D. hissed

2. The patient was ___ in pain when he was brought in.

A. bubbling B. hooting C. groaning D. sniffing

3. The captain was ___ his orders loudly.

A. purring B. hissing C. hooting D. barking

4. With a ___ of boredom, he left the lecture hall quickly.

A. groan B. grunt C. sigh D. hiss

5. It was very rude of the students to ___ in mockery at their rival team during their hockey match.

A. whine B. groan C. hoot D. bark

6. The baby is ___ for milk as he is hungry.

A. chuckling B. howling C. sighing D. hissing

7. I recognise her ___ of laughter because of her shrill voice.

A. howl B. whine C. grunt D. snarl

8. I can hear the ___ of tyres whenever I drive on my tiled driveway.

A. hiss B. screech C. whine D. squeal

9. A ___ fell over the neighbourhood where the murder was committed.

A. hush B. sigh C. hiss D. purr

10. The witty speaker made his audience ___ with laughter.

A. groan B. grunt C. roar D. purr

11. From my apartment, I can hear the wind ___ every night.

A. bubbling B. howling C. hissing D. whining

12. She ___ at me to not touch her new blender.

A. whined B. groaned C. squawked D. screeched

13. With a ___ of anger, she stormed out of her husband’s office.

A. sigh B. snort C. groan D. purr

14. The students ___ with irritation at the latecomers for the fire drill.

A. snarled B. howled C. hooted D. grunted

15. The children ___ with delight as they played on the beach.

A. howled B. squealed C. squawked D. squelched

16. She stormed out of the dingy shop with a ___ of contempt.

A. grunt B. screech C. squeal D. squall

17. Ann marched into the shop ___ about the fake ruby ring sold to her.

A. sighing B. chuckling C. squawking D. squeaking

18. My sleep is interrupted by ___ stray cats every night.

A. hissing B. hooting C. squalling D. squealing

19. The door ___ open, and I saw him lying on his bed.

A. squeaked B. squalled C. squawked D. squelched

20. Whenever she ___, she is irresistible.

A. barks B. purrs C. hisses D. hoots

21. He was ___ in a low voice because of his sore throat.

A. bellowing B. barking C. croaking D. howling

22. I heard the ___ of boots in the muddy field outside.

A. squealing B. squeaking C. squalling D. squelching

23. Her ___ of alarm awakened everyone in the dormitory.

A. snort B. grunt C. squeal D. squelch

24. It is unkind of her to ___ with scorn at the gift made by the children.

A. bubble B. sniff C. squeal D. squeak

25. The boy’s ___ of fear was clearly heard from the basement.

A. snort B. snort C. squall D. squeal

26. His disrespect is shown by the way he ___ at his mother.

A. snarls B. squalls C. squeaks D. squeals

27. He likes to ___ at his wife whenever he is angry.

A. groan B. moan C. purr D. bellow


1.A 2.C 3.D 4.B 5.C 6.B 7.A 8.B 9.A 10.C 11.B 12.D 13.B 14.D 15.B 16.A 17.C 18.C 19.A 20.B 21.C 22.D 23.C 24.B 25.D 26.A 27.D


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