Words associated with “Joke”

1. Tomfoolery: A silly behaviour or activity


If you leave my eight-year-old son alone even for one minute, he will get up to all kinds of tomfoolery. Yesterday he removed all the pebbles from the aquarium and lined them up from the front door to the kitchen.

2. Practical joke: A trick played on a person to make him look foolish


The children put salt instead of sugar into their mother’s tea and had a good laugh at the face she made when she drank it.

3. Hoax (singular) and hoaxes (plural): A lie used as a joke to fool someone


My daughter called me up at work to tell me that our new Mercedes had been stolen, but after five minutes of listening to me rant and cry, she told me it was just a hoax.

4. Comic relief: Something funny that makes people laugh


The way he was able to mimic the way the boss spoke English brought some comic relief to our evening out.

5. Pull a friend’s leg: Play a joke on someone


I thought my son had really won the lottery but he was just pulling my leg.

6. Kid your neighbour: Deceive or fool


He was just kidding when he said April Fool’s Day has been declared a public holiday.

7. Play a prank: Trick someone


The students were just playing a prank on their lecturer when they stole his reading glasses when his back was turned to them.

8. A fool’s errand: Task with no hope of success


When he sent Ali to get his free ice-cream from 7-Eleven, he was just sending the boy on a fool’s errand.

9. Look foolish: Lacking good sense or judgment


I shouldn’t have believed him when he said that Gucci was having a clearance sale at Tesco. I certainly looked foolish when I arrived there and asked them where the sale was!

10. Jest: Say something or do something as a joke


I spoke in jest when I told him that the bright orange shirt would be perfect for his company’s annual dinner.

How would I know he would actually wear it!

11. Comedian: Someone who makes people laugh


My son is very good at telling jokes. His class teacher told me that he is the class comedian.

12. Butt of a joke : A person that is mocked


He was the butt of everyone’s jokes when he turned up wearing a bright, orange shirt for his company’s formal dinner.

13. Be a good sport: Being cheerful and pleasant even in an awkward situation


Even though his team lost badly, he was a good sport and bought a round of drinks for his rivals.

14. Spoilsport: Someone who spoils the fun


Please do n’t invite him to the Halloween party. He’s such a spoilsport and I’m sure he will only make unkind remarks about all our costumes.

15. Said it in sport: Said it just as a joke


When he told you that you are the most magnificent player h e has ever seen on the pitch, I hope you realise that he said it in sport.



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