Country adjectives

Country adjectives

The adjectives formed from countries

 French      Roman    Welsh       Shetland      Dutch      German       Turkish      English      Morocco     Danish     Indian     Canton     Chinese       Jersey      Hawaiian  

Fit the names above into the sentences below.

Some can be used twice.

1. Precious books are sometimes bound in _________leather.

2. _______numerals are sometimes used instead of ordinary numbers.

3. _______rarebit is a snack of toasted cheese.

4. A ________pony is a very small pony originally from these Scottish islands.

5. Double _______is nonsense.

6. _______shepherd dogs are often used by the police as guard dogs.

7. _______delight is a jelly-like sweet covered in icing sugar.

8. Many people find a _______bath relaxing.

9. He took _______leave because he just did not feel like going to work.

10. A _______pastry is a cake filled with dried fruits and cherries and topped with icing.

11. The students lined up in an _______file before their event.

12. Berne is the _________of Switzerland.

13. _______windows or doors are sometimes called patio doors.

14. I decided to go _______with him during lunch as he did not have enough money.

15. Jill enjoyed her _______summer when she was courted by her colleague for two years.

16. A _______is a jumper or a knitted fabric named after a Channel Island.

17. Jim had ________courage after a few drinks, and he started to insult his boss.

18. They look very flamboyant in their attractive ________shirts.

19. This hotel offers ________breakfast, so it is very popular with tourists.

20. We used to play ________ chequers when we were small.


1. Morocco 2. Roman 3. Welsh 4. Shetland 5. Dutch 6. German 7. Turkish 8. Turkish 9. French 10. Danish 11. Indian 12. Canton 13. French 14. Dutch 5. Indian 16. Jersey 17. Dutch 18. Hawaiian 19. English 20. Chinese

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