Take or Bring

Which is correct?


Bring and take


a) I bring my wheelchaired brother to everywhere.

 b) I bring my wheelchaired brother everywhere.


The correct answer is:-

I take my wheelchaired brother everywhere



Use the word “take” NOT “bring”.

“Bring” is used for movements towards you (the speaker or writer) or the person you are talking to,

 “Take” is used for movements to other places.

 For example,

“Please bring your brother to my party.”


“I take my wheelchaired brother everywhere.” 

“Everywhere” means “in, to, or at every place.”

 “everywhere” means “to every place.”

So it is not necessary to put another “to” before it.


Telling time

Which is correct?


1. I will be back in an hour and a half.

2. I will be back in one and a half hours.


What is the correct phrase for 90 minutes? Is it true that the same goes for 150 minutes?

Both “an hour and a half” and “one and a half hours” can be used to mean 90 minutes, although the former is more commonly used and less formal than the latter.

However, it is much more common to express 150 minutes as “two and a half hours”, although “two hours and a half” is sometimes used. The same goes for numbers of hours higher than two.

Perhaps it is because “one hour” can be expressed more easily and casually as “an hour”, but there is no equivalent to “an meaning one” for the other numbers.







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