‘In, on, at’ advance level


School – “At school” when answering a question such as:

“Where’s your daughter this morning?”

The phrase also means “attending school” as in the sentence:

“Two of my children are still at school.”

In American English, the phrase “in school” is used.

Field – “In the field” when referring to a field with crops,

such as a paddy field or a wheat field.

Usually “on the field” when referring to a playing field

such as a football field,


 “The players are already on the field,

waiting for the match to begin.”

If a field is a meeting point for you and a friend,

you can say:

“Meet me at the school field tomorrow.”

Hospital – If you are ill and have a bed in a hospital ward,

 you are “in hospital”.

If you are visiting someone there,

you are “at the hospital.”

Playground – “in the playground”.

Airport – “at the airport”

Market –“At the market” when referring to a place

such as a fish, meat and vegetable market.

Shop – “In the shop” if you’re actually inside one of them.

 But if someone phones and asks your daughter where you are,

she would say you’re “at the shop”.

Farm – Usually, “on the farm”;

sometimes “at the farm”.

Sea – We swim in the sea,

but we sail on the sea.

If someone is on a long voyage,

he can be said to be “at sea”,

but this phrase can also mean “confused or lost”.

Beach – Usually, “on the beach”;

sometimes, “at the beach”.




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