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How to improve your English

Ways to improve English

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Read, write, listen and speak and you will get there.



Read books whose subjects interest you, and try if possible to get some advice on whether the books you have chosen are written well.

Also, choose books whose language provides some challenge to you, but not too much, because that might discourage you. If there are 10 or more words on every page that you don’t know the meaning of, find a simpler book.

There is also no library near you. You can go to the Project Gutenberg website at languages/en


Reading alone is not enough, look up a word in a dictionary to find out its exact meaning or meanings.



 Improving on your writing skill. If you have no tutor or a friend to help you, just write a diary. You don’t need to write every day. But whenever you feel happy or upset or angry about something, try to write how you feel in your diary.

Never mind if it is somewhat ungrammatical at first: you will get better as you read more and write more. And if you feel upset or angry, writing it all down may actually help you feel less upset or angry.



The BBC has a useful website for learning English, where you can also improve your listening skills through listening to the passages that are read aloud, and the conversations between people.

Try browsing the following site: index.shtml



Speaking may be the skill that is hardest to improve. Having a friend who is proficient in English would be helpful. If you don’t have such a friend, try getting a tutor, if you can afford it.

If you have neither friend of that description, nor cash to pay for a tutor, don’t despair. If you listen to the language often enough, you can try to speak it on your own.

Try reading aloud in the privacy of your home or room. It can be enjoyable.


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