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How to Writing an Argumentative or Persuasive Essay

Chapter 5

A brief summary on how to write an

Argumentative/Persuasive Essay


Introduction:  Definition of topic or issue

                                     Present view/take a stand


Paragraph 1:     first argument to support view

Paragraph 2:    second reason to support view

Paragraph 3:    third reason to support vie     

Conclusion:     Restating of view/stand 


  • Most important reason
  • Second, third reasons
  • Examples, situations
  • Facts, figures

Transitional words (used to link points and add similar, additional and contrasting points)

Similar/additional points

–       Moreover

–       Besides

–       In addition

–       Similarly

–       Likewise

–       For example

Contrasting points

–       However

–       Firstly

–       Secondly

–       Finally

–       On the other hand

–       Although

Expressions to use

  • It is undeniable
  • Without doubt
  • I am of the view
  • I fully support
  • I agree
  • I cannot argue with
  • I am inclined to think
  • I am convinced
  • In conclusion

1.Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics. 

The various programmes for turtle conservation should be carried on. Do you agree or disagree?


Suggested Structure:


Explain the logistics of a turtle conservation programme

i.e. what is being done. State your stand for or against such a programme.


Agree –                 

A unique species of animals –

give facts as example;

part of the ecosystem,

so cannot do without it;

plays an important role in nature –

controls jellyfish population.

Stop practices of eating and selling parts of turtle and its eggs;

Preserve the species for future generations.

Revenue as a source of income for the nation

Four species of sea turtles in the world can be found nesting on Malaysian:

the olive-ridley turtle,

the hawksbill turtle,

the green turtle and

the leatherback turtle.

Disagree   –    

A lot of money spent.

A lot of manpower needed.

Waste of time and effort –

could be spent on helping poor people.

A matter of survival of the fittest –

if cannot survive, make way for stronger species. 

Conclusion –  

End your composition by reaffirming your stand.

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