Words to describe people

Words to describe people.

1. Decent – socially acceptable or good

A decent man honors his word and holds on to his principles.

2. Respectable – good character, behavior and appearance.

We have elected a respectable man to be the chairperson of our committee.

3. Righteous – behave in a way that is morally correct.

A righteous person does something because he knows it is morally right.

4. Noble – brave and not selfish

John is a noble man who always sacrifices his time to help the sick and needy.

5. Just – fair

He is a just man who respects the wishes of others.

6. Considerate – kind and helpful

Amy is a considerate neighbour who always parks properly on the driveway.

7. Humble – not proud or not believing u’re important.

The humble manager attributed his success to his dedicated team.

8. Straightforward – don’t hide opinion

Sometimes she offends people because she is straightforward, and speaks her mind.

9. Forthright – too honest and direct in behavior.

He is a forthright leader whose opinions are highly respected.

10. Forbearing – patient & forgiving.

Because of his forbearing nature, Adam smiled and remained calm even though he was unjustly accused.

11. Steadfast – strongly & without stopping.

We must remain strong and steadfast when we go through a crisis.

12. Tolerant – accept others bad behavior or custom.

A mixed marriage can survive if both parties are tolerant of different cultural beliefs and practices.

13. Resilient – easy to recover from bad experience.

She is a tough and resilient woman because she has endured much suffering.

14. Persevering – continue with determination

A persevering person does not give up easily.

15. Stoical – not complain or show feeling when something bad happen.

The stoical writer who survived as a prisoner of war was reduced to half her size.

16. Calm – peaceful & quiet.

In any emergency it is important to remain calm and level-headed.



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