Similes ( upper level )

Similes for Upper Level

as eager as a bridegroom

as easy as ABC / winking

as empty as space

as enticing as a riddle

as essential as the dew

as fabulous as Aladdin’s ring

as fair as the morn

as faithful as a dog

as far apart as the poles

as fast as a deer / hare /light

as fat as a pig / butter

as feeble as a child

as fickle as friends

as fidgety as an old man

as fierce as a lion / tiger

as fit as fiddle

as flat as pancake/flounder

as fleet as Diana / gazelle

as flimsy as gauze

as foolish as a calf

as frail as flowers / a lily

as fresh as dew /daisy

as frigid as an iceberg

as frisky as a lamb /two –  year – old

as game as fighting cock

as garrulous as a magpie

as gaudy as a butterfly

as gay as a bullfinch/ the spring

as generous as a lord

as gentle as a dove /lamb/fawn

as gloomy as the night

as glorious as the sun

as glum as an oyster

as good as gold

as graceful as a swan

as grave as a judge

as greedy as a hog

as green as grass

as hairy as a gorilla/spider

as happy as a lark/king

as hard as iron/nails/flint

as harmless as a baby/ dove

as harsh as the truth


as heavy as an elephant/lead

as helpless as a babe

as hoarse as a raven

as hollow as a drum

as honest as a mirror

as hot as fire / furnace / pepper

as humble as a worm

as hungry as a hunter / wolf

as ignorant as a child

as illusive as a dream

as immense as the sea

as impatient as a lover

as imperishable as eternity

as impetuous as a poet

as indolent as an old bachelor

as Industrious as a beaver

as innocent as a lamb/baby

as invisible as the air

as jealous as a Spaniard

as joyful as a fly

as jubilant as old sleigh bells

as keen as mustard/a razor

as kind as consent

as large as life

as languid as a lovesick maid

as lasting as the pyramids

as lawful as eating

as lazy as a pig

as liberal as the sun

as light as a feather

as loud as thunder

as like as two herrings

as lithe as a tiger

as little as Tom Thumb

as lively as a cricket

as lovely as Venus

as lowly as slaves

as loyal as an apostle

as mad as a March hare/hatter

as mean as a miser

as meek as a lamb

as naked as night/a peeled apple


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