Words associated with hand

Okay, Hands up! (No, I am not holding you at gunpoint!)

I am using plain teach-speak for a show of hands if you wish to try your hand at a quiz bit.

Do also hand it on to others. Sure, many of you will score and win hands down!

If so, please accept my congratulatory handshake.

With that, let me hand over to you this next bit for your sleight of hand.

 More below

Complete the following with the most appropriate hand/hands related expression in each case

(Note: none of the expressions used above apply as answers.)


1. Thomas lay awake all night, worrying that the confidential documents may _________.

2. _________, I can tell you that I did not take that bribe. You have to believe me.

3. Hey, these chicken curry puffs are for the party tonight, so _________!

4. Kevin, could you please _________? I cannot manage everything by myself.

5. Tell me Lily, why do I always end up having to _________ for all the purchases you make?

6. These days many people turn to alternative sources of information on some issues when they realise that some restrictions have _________ the media _________.

7. Ladies and gentlemen, let us all _________ to our celebrated speaker, Mr W. Gregory.

8. You really _________. He worked at several odd jobs to help him pay for his education.

9. Erwin is not frightened of _________, because he finds it a challenge to work with machine parts, be they greasy or grimy.

10. I have decided to _________ my treasured collection of books and notes to my niece, Suneeta, because I know they will be _________.


For Answers

I also have in hand, to share with you some other common meanings attached to hand/hands:

> a workman (in a factory, on a farm)

> the moving arm of a clock/watch that shows the hours, minutes and seconds

> a set of cards that a player has in a game

> a unit of measurement for the height of horses


Answers to quiz

1. fall into the wrong hands (received by people who could use it against others)

2. With (my) hand on (my)heart (speaking very honestly and sincerely)

3. (keep your) hands off! (don’t touch)

4. lend a hand (help)

5. put (my) hand into (my) pocket (pay)

6. bound/tied (the media) hand and foot (limited its freedom by creating rules/restrictions)

7. give a big hand (welcome/praise with clapping)

8. have got to hand it to (him) (give well-deserved praise for success/skill)

9. getting (his) hands dirty (to do physical/manual work)

10. hand down (pass down/give or leave something to somebody younger); in good hands (well cared for by a responsible person)



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