Words associated with tool

Tools to express yourself

1. He______into his students that daily revision is the key to success.

A hammered      B nailed      C screwed     D axed

2. The Chinese oil painting will go under the______next month.

A chisel          B file             C hammer         D screwdriver

3. Women find Dave handsome because of his_______features.

A nailed       B chiselled     C wedged         D screwed

4. Some violent television programmes have been______.

A chiselled    B axed          C bolted            D drilled

5. A prominent politician was_______for corruption.

A axed           B nailed         C screwed        D chiselled

6. He is a health______who goes to the gymnasium every day.

A screw          B bolt             C nut               D plane

7. Let us get down to the______and______of building a house.

A hammers, nails               B screwdriver, screws

C chisel, nails                      D nuts, bolts

8. After the accident he was______up and needed to see a psychiatrist.

A nailed         B screwed             C clamped           D bolted

9. She is_______about her swimming instructor.

A nuts          B bolts            C screws           D nails

10. Our government should______ down on 24-hour cyber cafes.

A screw     B axe           C clamp               D chisel

11. Teachers often________their pupils in the multiplication tables.

A nail            B screw       C clamp             D drill

12. A fire_______is carried out in my school every year.

A wedge           B clamp        C drill            D vice

13. Jill loves baking. She goes at it ________and_______as soon as she gets back from work every weekend.

A pliers, pincers                         B planes, blades

 C hammers and tongs             D hammer and tongs

14. He is a tough_______to crack, because he is so hard.

A screw       B nut           C bolt            D wedge

15. She has managed to drive a_______between her stepfather and her sister.

A nail         B wedge          C screw       D vice

16. His resignation came as a______from the blue.

A nail          B screw             C nut        D bolt

17. We were completely______by the spectacular performance.

A screwed      B bolted           C riveted       D wedged

18. We enjoyed the________dances and splendid costumes.

A riveting       B screwing         C drilling       D clamping


1. A hammer           2. C hammer           3. B chiselled

4. B axed                5. B nailed                  6. C nut

7. D nuts and bolts                                    8. B screwed

9, A nuts                10. C clamp                 11. D drill

12. C drill              13. D hammer, tongs   

14. B nut                15. B wedge                  16. D bolt

17. C riveted         18. A riveting

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