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What is love?

A student asks a teacher, “What is love?”

The teacher said, “in order to answer your question, go to the wheat field and choose the biggest wheat and come back.

But the rule is: you can go through them only once and cannot turn back to pick.”

The student went to the field, go thru first row, he saw one big wheat, but he wonders….may be there is a bigger one later.

Then he saw another bigger one… But may be there is an even bigger one waiting for him.

Later, when he finished more than half of the wheat field, he start to realize that the wheat is not as big as the previous one he saw, he know he has missed the biggest one, and he regretted.

So, he ended up went back to the teacher with empty hand.

The teacher told him, “…this is love… You keep looking for a better one, but when later you realize, you have already miss the person….”

“What is marriage then?” the student asked.

The teacher said, “in order to answer your question, go to the corn field and choose the biggest corn and come back. But the rule is: you can go through them only once and cannot turn back to pick.”

The student went to the corn field, this time he is careful not to repeat the previous mistake, when he reach the middle of the field, he has picked one medium corn that he feel satisfy, and come back to the teacher..

The teacher told him, “This time you bring back a corn…. You look for one that is just nice, and you have faith and believe this is the best one you get…. This is marriage.”*

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A very depressed man


There’s a man sitting at a bar just looking at his drink. He stays like that for half an hour. Then, a big trouble-making truck driver steps next to him, takes the drink from the guy, and just drinks it all down.

The poor man starts crying. The truck driver says, “Come on man, I was just joking. Here, I’ll buy you another drink. I just can’t stand seeing a man crying.”

“No, it’s not that. This day is the worst of my life. First, I fall asleep, and I’m late to my office. My boss, in an outrage, fires me. When I leave the building to my car, I found out it was stolen. The police say they can do nothing. I get a cab to return home and when I leave it, I remember I left my wallet and credit cards there. The cab driver just drives away. I go home and my wife wanted a divorce. I leave home and come to this bar. And when I was thinking about putting an end to my life, you show up and drink my poison.”

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The Two treasures of food that shouldn’t be wasted.


When eating certain food, there are certain parts which seemingly are useless and should be thrown away.

In reality, their nutritional value could be higher than the food itself.


Fish Eyes


Fish eyes contains rich quantity of DHA and EPA which are very rare unsaturated fatty acid. The most beneficial property of these natural substances is their ability to stimulate human brain cells, improve memory and thinking power, and also very helpful in preventing memory decline, high cholesterol and hypertension diseases. The common notion suggested is that eating certain animal parts would strengthen similar body parts of ours, and this has been proven correct by clinical experiments where fish eyes are concerned: they can help to reduce the deterioration of eyesight.


Fibers of orange or grapefruit peels


When eating oranges or grapefruits, after removing the peel, do not remove all the fibers that cover the fruits. In fact, the fibers contained a vitamin which helps to maintain the elasticity and density of the artery wall, which in turn reduces the danger of bleeding especially in the fine arteries. Hypertension patients usually have problem of brain hemorrhage while diabetic patients have retina hemorrhage. For people with tendency to bleed, especially old people with tendency of artery hardening, eating fibers of oranges and grapefruit peels is particularly helpful.



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A Simple Solution to a Husband and Wife problem

Sometimes, some of life’s most difficult questions have a very simple
answers / solutions ………

Once upon a time a married couple celebrated their 25th marriage
anniversary. They had become famous in the city for not having a single
conflict in their period of 25 years. Local newspaper editors had
gathered at the occasion to find out the secret of their well known
“happy going marriage”.

Editor:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “Sir. It’s amazingly unbelievable. How did you make this possible? ”
Husband recalling his old honeymoon days said:                                                                                                                                                 “After marriage, during our honeymoon we went horse riding on different horses. My horse was pretty okay but the horse on which my wife was riding seemed to be a crazy one. On the way ahead, that horse jumped suddenly, making my wife topple over. Recovering her position from the ground, she patted the horse’s back and said “This is your first time.”    She again climbed the horse and continued with the ride. After a while, it happened again. This time she again kept calm and said “This is your second time” and hopped back on the horse and continued riding. When the horse dropped her third time, she silently took out the revolver from the purse and shot the horse dead!!

I shouted at my wife:                                                                                                                                                                                                        “What did you do, you psycho. You killed the poor animal. Are you crazy?”

She gave a silent look and said:                                                                                                                                                                                     “This is your first time!!!”

Husband:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “Well, that’s it. We are happy ever after.”

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Parents who abuse their children need help.

Parents who abuse their children are in need of help. A child and adolescent psychiatrist said one in three parents who grow up in a physically abusive environment tends to be abusive towards his or her children.

 Those who were abused as a child often used the same cruel methods in disciplining their children. Even though they had suffered abuses, they become abusive parents because that’s the only way they knew how to deal with children.

Those who grew up in an authoritarian environment were unable to resolve the issues they faced and thus vent their frustrations on the young ones. Their anger is displaced and when a child makes a minor mistake, they hit him.

However, two-thirds of parents do learn other ways of disciplining their children, whether through exposure to other role models or by learning them on their own. Some parents argue that they hit their children because they are trying to teach their children well but if they are honest, they will admit that they are venting their anger.

 Parents often choose physical punishment over the non-physical method because it is faster and easier.

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