Words associated with culinary

EVERYONE loves food.

Culinary terms have found their way into the English Language. Here is a test to help you digest some of these common culinary terms which can add much flavour and richness to your speech. Choose the right word to complete the following sentences.

1. He was______with anger because his new car was scratched.

A boiling     B steaming     C roasting        D baking

2. Having a good command of English______down to reading, writing and speaking the language all the time.

A boils         B steams          C fries              D bakes

3.The suspected kidnapper was_______by the police for hours.

A baked       B steamed      C fried              D grilled

4. It is good to get away from the______of daily household chores.

A crush        B grind           C blend             D mash

5. The class was given a______by their teacher for copying.

A frying       B boiling        C roasting       D smoking

6. The police will use police dogs to______out drug-traffickers.

A bake          B smoke        C boil               D steam

7. There is not even a______of evidence to prove that he is guilty.

A pinch         B grain         C shred          D crumb

8. When Mary scolds she does not_______her words.

A mix          B mince        C chop            D squash

9. The developers will go full_______ahead with their housing project.

A boil      B steam        C fry          D grill

10. He likes to let off________by driving recklessly.

A smoke      B roast     C grill       D steam

11. Police offices will______the evidence before making any conclusions.

A sift        B stir         C fold       D mix

12. Walking through her hometown ______up in her feelings of nostalgia.

A mixes      B stirs         C sieves            D beats

13. With his emotional speech he can_______the crowd into a frenzy.

A beat       B pound        C fold           D whip

14. During the inter-state hockey match we witnessed a lot of anger and frustration _______over into shouting and scolding.

A boil        B bake           C steam          D roast

15. The army managed to ________the uprising within a few days.

A grind        B blend         C crush            D pound

16. Selvi was very__________in her spirit after her divorce, and kept on crying.

A beaten    B whipped    C blended   D crushed

17. Her house decor is tasteful as the furniture, the furnishings and the decorations________very well.

A mix     B fold       C blend           D sieve

18. Some programmes are for the_______because they are too violent.

A cut B chop C blend D mince

19. He was as red as a lobster after being________in the sun for hours.

A boiled     B steamed     C baked          D roasted

20. She admitted in court that she took a_______of drugs.

A chutney       B salad          C cocktail        D dessert


1. A boiling             2. A boils            3. D grilled            

 4. B grind            5. C roasting         6. B smoked     

 7. C shred           8. B mince             9. B steam         

10. D steam        11. A sift                 12. B stirs

13. D whip            14. A boil         15. C crush           

16. D crushed      17. C blend       18. B chop          

19. C baked          20. C cocktail


Happy Learning

by Uncle Teng

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