“Test” expressions

TESTS are important to prove the quality of things.

Here are some ‘test’ expressions.

1. Put something to the test

To find out how useful or effective something is by using it.

Example: I put my microwave oven to the test by using it to bake.

2. Acid test

An important test to prove whether something is true or successful.

Example: In a public-speaking contest, the acid test is the impromptu part.

3. To stand the test of time

It is strong or effective enough to last a long time.

Example: This heritage building has stood the test of time.

4. To test the waters or test the water

To find out what the situation is before doing something or making a decision

Example: You must test the water before announcing the increase in entrance fees for the zoo.

5. Test ban

An agreement between countries to stop testing nuclear weapons

Example: There should be a test ban treaty between the major powers in the world.

6. Test drive

To drive a vehicle that you are thinking of buying so that you can see how well it works.

Example: After the test drive, he was very impressed by the new Honda CRV.

7. Test-run

To test a machine or system to see if it will work properly.

Example: I must test-run my alarm system to make sure it is effective.

8. Test pilot

A pilot who flies newly designed aircraft in order to test their performance.

Example: As a test pilot Rizal enjoys flying aircraft of the latest designs.




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