Words associated with the body

The use of words and expressions related to body parts.

MY dearest Suresh,

I am so relieved to finally hear from you. After reading your email, I cried my heart out. I miss you so much it actually hurts.

I’m glad you’re fine. The last leg of your journey sounded harrowing. But, at least your team made it finally to the mouth of the Amazon river and you did it by the skin of your teeth. Congratulations! I must confess, however, that I did have the gut feeling you’d do okay!

As I write this, I am looking at your photo on our bed stand. It reminds me why I fell head-over-heels in love with you – gorgeous brown eyes, the firm chin, aquiline nose and your steady gaze of warmth and love. You’re such a heart-throb. And, mine forever! But, please don’t let all this praise go to your head my darling. The last thing I want is for you to get too big for your boots.

Seriously though, from top to toe, you were and are an absolute hunk. With your six-pack abdomen and broad shoulders – no wonder the girls in our college were willing to fight tooth and nail for you!

But, I remember this. While I was tongue-tied, these other girls were rather bull-headed. It was no skin off my nose then but I didn’t know I was going to fall for you myself.

On my part, I can never forget how you tried so hard to catch my eye. Those were heady days indeed.

Oh, how my heart would melt the minute you walked into class.

But, it wasn’t an easy decision for me to agree to see you regularly. Remember how I dragged my feet for days, agonizing over you? Should I or shouldn’t I?

You were a man of a different race. Did I want to make my soft-hearted mother cry? Would I have a leg to stand on if my father questioned my choice?

I know some of the girls of my own race used to thumb their nose at me for going out with you. And, when they prophesized that you would leave me high and dry one day, my heart used to go right into my boots.

But, thanks to my grandmother, you finally got the thumbs up from my parents too. She may be all skin and bone but she can talk the hind legs off a donkey when she wants to! And, she certainly did it for us!

Do you know, thoughts of you still give me a head rush? I’m glad I stuck to you. You’ve turned out to be a wonderful husband with a good head on your shoulders. You’re cool, calm and strong. Although you stay abreast with your party crowd, I like the fact that you will put your shoulder to the wheel when required.

With my parents? Oh, you’re so heart-warming with the way you toe the line. That’s why Dad gave up all thoughts of skinning you alive! But, hey, I’m your biggest fan and when we’re out together, I can let my hair down and be myself. How I adore that!

And, to think, you actually married me!

So many other girls lost out. Remember Priya – my course-mate who looked like a leggy model? The one who always got into trouble because of her big mouth? At college, she actually had the cheek to tell me that she’d give an arm and a leg just to have one date with you. I still wonder how I managed to stomach her! Thank God she and I have gone our separate ways. I couldn’t have given her a leg-up in this world if she had asked me to.

Don’t ask me where she is – I don’t really care in which neck of the woods she is in these days.

I prefer Seema any time. She’s a true chum and a friend after my own heart. Any time I’m down and miserable, she’ll say, “Keep your chin up, girl. This is just a bad hair day and it too shall pass.” Hers is the shoulder I can cry on.

By the way, I simply have to get something off my chest.

It’s this: I’ve just discovered that I’m carrying your child in my womb, darling. Since finding that out, I’ve become an emotional mess, all teary-eyed and missing you like crazy. I’m in my ninth week now.

Dr Tan says eating the right supplements and sleeping well will give our baby a head start in life. If he’s a boy, I hope he’ll grow to be a good head taller than you and if she’s a girl, I hope she will have your lovely, lovely brown eyes.

You take care and keep writing, you hear. If not, I’ll twist your ears or chop your head off when you get back. Okay, okay, please forgive me, it’s just my hormones talking! And, I’m just pulling your leg of course. But, you know what I mean.

I love you from the bottom of my heart. Come back safe and sound to me, my darling.

Yours for always,

Mei Soon



> cried my heart out – cried a lot

> last leg of your journeylast part of the journey

> the mouth of the riverpart of river where it meets the sea

> by the skin of your teeth – just barely made it

> gut feeling – instinctive feeling

> head-over-heels in love – completely in love

> heart-throb – very attractive man

> go to your head – make you conceited

> get too big for your boots – become arrogant

> from top to toe – physically from the hair down to the feet

> six-pack abdomen – good-toned and muscled abdomen

> fight tooth and nail – fight with determination

> tongue-tied – could not speak, was very quiet

> bull-headed – stubborn

> no skin off my nose – not affected or upset about it

> to catch my eye – make me look at you

> heady days – days when you feel light and happy

> heart would melt – soften my feelings

> dragged my feet – took time/procrastinated

> soft-hearted – nice and kind

> a leg to stand on – an excuse to provide

> thumb their nose – not agree with my choices/look down on me

> my heart used to go right into my boots – feel sad and depressed

> got the thumbs up sign – got the approval

> all skin and bone – very thin and scrawny

> talk the hind legs off a donkey – talk non-stop

> give me a head rush – make me feel very excited and happy

> has a good head on his shoulders – can think clearly and rationally

> stay abreast – keep up with

> put your shoulder to the wheel – do the hard work which is necessary and be responsible

> heart-warming – touching

> toe the line – not anger or upset anyone

> skinning you alive – punishing you severely

> let my hair down – have fun

> a leggy model – a girl with long legs

> a big mouth – a person who talks bad/or talks without thinking about others

> give an arm and a leg – willing to sacrifice or do anything

> to stomach her – to stand or tolerate her

> give a leg-up – help someone improve his or her situation

> neck of the woods – a particular place where you usually don’t expect someone to be

> after my very own heart – understands me best

> keep your chin up – be positive and not lose hope

> a bad hair day – a day when things don’t go your way

> the shoulder I can cry on – the place where I can get support

> get something off my chest – tell you a secret

> my womb – my uterus/place where fetus develops and grows in a woman

> all teary-eyed – crying

> head start – an advantage

> a good head taller – physically taller

> twist your ears – physically tweak the ears

> chop your head off – physically cut your head off

> pulling your leg – fooling around, joking

> from the very bottom of my heart – very sincerely and warmly


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