Words that are almost homonyms but confusing

THE pairs of words below are almost homonyms and confusion happens mainly due to the similarity of pronunciations and spellings.


Ingenious (adj):

Original; clever; creative; masterly skillful.

Ingenuous (adj):

Unsophisticated; artless; simple.

running dog

Climactic (adj):

A peak experience; a dramatic moment.

(From the word ‘climax’.)

Climatic (adj):

Refers merely to the weather condition.

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Defer (v):

to delay, postpone, or shelve until another time.

Differ (v):

to be dissimilar; contradict.

 running dog

Eligible (adj):

to be worthy of, or meeting the requirements.

Illegible (adj):

unreadable – handwriting, etc.

 running dog

Bloc (n):

Refers to a group of people who come together due to a common interest.

Block (n):

A big piece of wood, etc.

 running dog

Beside (prep):

Next to, or at the side of something.

Besides (prep):

Apart from; in addition to; as well as.

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Amoral (adj):

Without moral standard; unethical. Neither good nor bad.

Immoral (adj):

One who chooses to be at the wrong side of the moral ‘fence’.

 running dog

Biannual (adj):

Something happening twice a year.

Biennial (adj):

An event, etc, that happens once every two years.

 running dog

Elude (v):

To flee from, dodge, or evade someone through one’s quickness.

Allude (v):

Indirect reference to something.

Example: His winning art is vibrant in colour, but alludes to his troubled past.

running dog

Tack (n):

A course of direction a ship sails into.

Tact (n):

Cleverly handling people to avoid giving offence.

running dog

Tortuous (adj):

Not clear-cut, but twisting, winding, and intricate.

Example: A tortuous road to get to your house.

Torturous (adj):

Full of hurt.


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