Conditionals – the Present Tense


The Present Tense

1. General truths or facts

Use present tense in both the if clause & the main clause

Present Tense               +       Present Tense

a)If we dip a piece of     +   it turns blue.

litmus paper in acid,           (general truth)

b)Water boils   +   if we heat it to a temperature of 100 degree centigrade.(fact)


2. Simple Present Tense if clause in regular actions

Present Tense                                  +     Present Tense

Dad always reads the paper       +      if he wakes up early.

before leaving for office.

3. Action probably happens in the future, make a promise,

or give a warning use Simple Present Tense in the

 if clause + Simple Future Tense in the main clause

Present Tense                    +                 Future Tense

If Claire maintains her  +       she will get a promotion

efficient performance             soon. (possible action)

If I finish my classes       +       I will join you for dinner.

before five this evening,                  (promise)

If you don’t give me        +       I will sent you to detention

a good reason                                class. (to give a warning)


4. Use unless (meaning “if not”) with present tense verb,

and the simple future tense with will in the main clause

when we issue a warning or state a condition

before an action can take place.


Unless you agree to the terms, we will not let you go.

(Threat or warning)

Unless we leave now, we will miss our train.

(Stating a condition before an action can happen.)


Even if is used in conditional sentences to mean

(it doesn’t matter if )


I will go on a tour of Europe next year even if none of you want to come with me.


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Uncle Teng



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