Fun with synonyms 1

Fun with synonyms 1

1. “Let me show you some super mittens,” said the friendly salesgirl.

2. Chess is his strong point: he has been playing this board game for ten years.

3. Under a cloudless sky, the little boy rode his bicycle around the park.

4. The two young men rolled up their umbrellas and entered the clerk’s office to register as students for the new academic year.

5. Hearing a knock on the door, the boss, who was looking at a picture of seven terriers, said, “Come in.”

6. The cab ended in the ravine because the driver failed to negotiate the curve in the road.

7. The strange healer placed some glowing ashes on his patient’s deep cut.

8. The well-known writer was shocked when his editor said to him, “Owing to poor health, I cannot edit your scripts any more.”

9. “If you intend to reach the summit of Mount Everest, you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally.”

10. These two new movies feature a famous sports personality, who believes his success in the film industry is just around the corner.

11. She is worried that her unassuming aunt is so emaciated.

12. “Why did you incur the wrath of your boss by giving him rudely brief replies?”

13. His remarkable ability to tell ingenious jokes has had a significant effect on his relationship with his colleagues, who see him as an affable person.

14. As the smell of the gas pervaded the house, the occupants started to pant violently.

15. She greeted the distinguished visitors at the door and ushered them in enthusiastically.









1. Permit 2.forte 3.clear 4.enrol 5.enter 6.bend 7.gash 8.noted 11.gaunt 12.curt 13.telling 14.gasp 15.eminent

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