“light” expressions

light” expressions

Simple Line




1. Not dark

Light shades make your walls look brighter.

a. Daylight

The natural illumination of the day.

In England it gets light around 4 am in summer.

2. Not heavy

The graceful ballerina is as light as a feather.

a. Light clothes

Thin clothes which are not very warm.

You only need a light jacket to wear in the evening.

3. Without much force

a. Wind – without much force

As we strolled along we enjoyed the light morning breeze.

b. Sound – very quiet

I heard a light tap on my door this morning.

c. Touch – gentle and soft

She planted a light kiss on her mother’s cheek.

4. Not difficult or severe

a. Not strenuous

She has light duties like sweeping and dusting.

b. Punishment which is not very severe

The confident trickster got away with a light sentence.

5. Small amount

a. Small in amount or less than expected

On Sundays, the traffic in town is lighter.

b. Someone who does not eat, drink or smoke very much.

Being a light eater, I could not finish the set meal.

c. Light touch

Relaxed and pleasant in style

She only wore a light touch of make-up.

6. Not very serious

On a lighter note / in a lighter vein

Used when introducing a joke or funny story when you have been speaking about something serious.

“On a lighter, let me tell you about how my I was rejected by my wife on our first date.”

a. Make light of

To joke about something which is serious or important.

He makes light of getting sacked, but he has a lot of bitterness inside him.

b. light-hearted

Happy and not worried about anything

Jim, who had been a light-hearted man, became a dour and moody man after his wife’s death.

running dog

Here are some specific examples of how the word “light” is used with certain words:

1. Be light on your feet

To be able to move quickly and gracefully.

The Olympic rhythmic gymnasts were all very light on their feet.

2. A light sleeper

Someone who wakes up easily if there is any noise

She is a light sleeper who wakes up a few times at night when she hears the slightest noise.

3. Light-headed

Unable to think clearly or move steadily during a fever or after drinking alcohol.

He was light-headed after a few glasses of brandy.




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