Words Associated with Household


1. The government will put a ______on the price of beef during the coming festive season.

A wall           B ceiling          C door          D fan

2. His fiery speech will______the people’s hatred for the ruling party.

A fan             B light              C dish           D mat

3. She is a _______because she always tries to please everybody.

A rug             B blanket        C doormat   D curtain

4. The ______of mystery hindered the police in their investigations.

A fence           B wall             C hedge         D curtain

5. Everyone thought he is doing well. His problem of substance abuse has been swept under the ______.

A. doormat   B mat              C rug              D carpet

6. Our Chief Minister has brought down the_______on corruption and Penang is even recognised by Transparency International for its anti-corruption measures.

A fence           B ceiling         C curtain       D carpet

7. There is now a_______ban on designer drugs.

A blanket       B curtain       C carpet         D ceiling

8. RM500mil is needed to ______ the effects of the economic downturn in this state.

A mattress     B cushion      C pillow         D sponge

9. Patrick’s mother likes to ______him in order to provoke him to find a job.

A needle         B knife           C axe              D pin

10. Knitting is not my ______of tea.

A mug              B cup            C glass            D pot

11. She has to ______ all her frustration in front of her customers.

A pot                 B kettle        C canister      D bottle

12. The technicians have to sit down and ______ out their problems.

A iron               B axe            C brush           D mat

13. The post of manager was handed to him on a ___________.

A dish               B plate          C tray              D saucer

14. Teaching kindergarten children is a different _______ of fish.

A pot                  B plate          C kettle            D pan

15. Discipline and hard work are the ________ to success.

A locks               B bolts           C nuts              D keys

16. Mr Tan’s painting will go under the _______ next week in Penang.

A chisel              B hammer   C plane            D screwdriver

17. The Perak team turned the _______ on their opponents and won the match.

A tables              B chairs       C benches        D stools


1.B ceiling            2.A Fan                 3.C doormat          4.B wall         

 5.D carpet          6.C curtain          7.A blanket         8.B cushion      

9.A needle          10.B cup              11.D bottle          12.A iron        

13.B plate           14.C kettle            15.D keys           

 16.B hammer           17.A tables



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