Let’s go camping

Look at the list of things that we need to take camping.

For each sentence try to think of what the object is.

The number at the end of each sentence will tell you how many letters are in the word.

1. Something to sleep in and to keep us dry if it rains.   4

2. Something to help us see at night when it is dark.   5

3. Something to help us light a fire for cooking.  7

4. Something to put all our equipment in so we can carry it on our backs.  8

5. Something to put on our skin so we don’t get sunburnt.  3 & 5

6. Something to help us find our way when we go for walks through the forest.  3

7. Something to keep insects that like to bite us off ur skin. 6 & 9

8. Sme big strong shoes to help us climb hills and mountains.  6 & 5



1. tent

2. torch

3. lighter

4. backpack

5. sun cream

6. map

7. insect repellent

8. jungle boots

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