Words associated with animals

Vocabulary associated with animals

collective nouns for specific animals

Below are some examples of the more uncommon ones:

  1. an army of herring

  2. an aye of pheasants

  3. a clowder of cats

  4. a colony of bats or seals

  5. a covey of quail or partridge

  6. a crib of goats

  7. a crook of kangaroos

  8. a drey of squirrels

  9. a drove of oxen, sheep, or swine driven in a group

10.an exultation of larks

11.a gang of elks

12.a murder of crows

13.a murmuration of starlings

14.an ostentation of peacocks

15.a rookery of penguins or seals

16.a skulk of foxes

17.a sloth of bears

18.an unkindness of ravens

19.a pride of lions

20.a gaggle of geese

Meat from animals

Certain animals are the source of meat,

for which there are special terms,

as in the following examples:

     Animals            Meat

      Cattle               beef

           Chicken            chicken

             Deer                venison

          Lamb               lamb

          Pig                   pork

              Sheep               mutton.

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  1. Squink said

    an army of football hooligans

    a bevy of drunks

    an infestation of chavs

    a depression of celebrities

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