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Car Insurance Claim Void

Car Insurance Claim Void

In any case, when making a police report, you must ALWAYS report that the CAR WAS STOLEN without your knowledge. If you reported it as the car was driven away when it was left in the car wash, no insurance will pay you. You can only sue the company for negligence.


Let the professional do the report

I have a car crashed and broke a lampost, and the towing agent told me to pay RM100  to let him and “the professional” do the standard report that can  guarantee dapat the insurance claims!

I got the claims and escape paying for the broken lampost!

I was warned:

If I were to report the actual reasons my way on how the car crashed, I won’t be able to get the insurance claims.


Reasons such as tyre bursts, driver Fall asleep,  car skidded, heavy rain, car went out of control, road slipery etc.. all these reasons will be rejected by insurance companies and you get zero claims. It must be reported as an accident not because of your fault,  the car’s technical fault, road fault, weather’s fault but must put the blame on others as the cause of accident!

You can declare yourself as the cause of accident, can still get the insurance claim, but the Police will fine you first RM300 and you have to pay for the replacement of the damaged lampost!

A Lam post at Plus Highway will cost you RM4000 !  

In an unrelated event: 

Loss of I.C.

If you lose your IC and go to get a replacement at the Bahagain Pendaftaran, the fine is RM100 for a first offender.

If you lost your IC again, the fine will be doubled and so on. If you made the police report that your IC was pick-pocketed (somewhere, say Pasar Malam) the Bahagian Pendaftaran won’t fine you! You get the replacement for free within 24 hr!

Just trying to out smart them.

Same thing if you parked your car under a tree and a branch fell off and damaged your car. If you report as a parked car – your claim will not be entertained.

You have to report that while you are driving your car, the branch fell and damaged your car.

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