Collective nouns

happy girlsCollective nouns

An album of photographs/stamps

An anthology of poems

An army of soldiers/ ants

An association of persons

A bale of cotton/ wool/ hay

A ball of thread

A band of musicians

A batch/slice/loaf of bread

A batch of graduates

A battalion of soldiers

A bench of magistrates/ judges

A bevy of beauties/ girls/ ladies

A block of flats

A board of directors

A body of persons

A bouquet of flowers

A brood of chickens

A brotherhood of men

A bunch of grapes/ keys

A bundle of rags/ sticks/ hay/ firewood

A cadre of persons

A cast of actors/ actresses

A chain of restaurants/ mountains

A chain of events / shops/ islands/mountains/restaurants

A chest of drawers

A choir of singers

A class of pupils/ scholars

A clump of trees/bushes

A cluster of diamonds/stars/trees

A clutch of eggs

A collection of pictures/antiques/books

A comb of bananas

A company of actors/actresses

A constellation of stars

A cortege of mourners

A crate of fruits/drinks

A crew of sailors

A crowd of spectators

A deck of cards

A drove of cattle

A field of runners

A file of passengers/soldiers

A fleet of motor cars/ships

A flight of aeroplanes/steps/swallows

A flock of birds/sheep

A flood of visitors/ideas/information/lights/tears

A forest of trees

A formation of players/troops

A gaggle of geese

A galaxy of stars

A gang of labourers /thieves

A gathering of friends

A group of islands

A grove of trees

A hail of fire/ abuse/bullets

A hand of bananas

A heap of rubbish/ruins/stones

A hedge of bushes

A herd of buffaloes/cattle/cranes/elephants

A horde of savages

A host of angles/sparrows

A kit of tools

A library of books/records/films/tapes

A litter of cubs/puppies/kittens

A menagerie of wild animals

A multitude of people

A nest of rabbits/mice/thieves

A pack of cards/rascals/wolves/lies

A packet of cigarettes

A panel of doctors/judges

A party of friends

A plague of locusts

A peal of bells

A pile of books/money/rubbish/stones

A posse of policemen

A punnet of strawberries

A queue of people

A quiver of arrows

A range of goods/products

A regiment of soldiers

A roll of drums/films

A row of houses/seats

A school of whales/dolphins

A series of books/events/lectures/

Lessons /misfortunes / talks

A set of china/clubs/tools/teeth/books

A sheaf of corn /papers /arrows

A shoal of herring /fish

A shower of blows/curses/dust/sparks

A skein of silk/thread/wool

A smuck of jellyfish

A stack of hay /books/ money

A staff of servants /teachers

A stockpile of ammunition /arms /food


A string of pearls/beads /qualification

A stud of horses

A suit of clothes

A suite of furniture/rooms

A swarm of bees/insects

A team of horses/ oxen/players/workers

A throng of people

A tissue of lies

A tribe of natives

A troop of lions/ monkeys/soldiers

A troupe of dancers/acrobats/performers

A tuft of grass

A volley of bullets/gunfire/stones

A wad of bank notes

A wisp of a hair/hay/straw



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    […] Collective nouns | Learning English by Uncle Teng – Collective nouns Collective nouns An album of photographs/stamps An anthology of poems An army of soldiers/ ants An association of persons A bale of cotton/ wool/ hay… […]


    It really aided me in me assignment and good generally for students of different grades.

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