Confusing Vocabulary

The same,

and yet are so different.

The following pairs of words are different in meaning.

Fill in the blanks with the right answer.

1. The management would like to thank you for your______on the matter. (advice/advise)

2. Letting my bed-ridden mother stay in a nursing home is a better______. (alternate/alternative)

3. She goes for piano _____every day. (practice/practise).

4. Lucy was_____and petrified after she had been robbed by a snatch thief. (decomposed/discomposed)

5. The______undergrowth makes it easy for the soldiers to hide in the jungle. (luxuriant/luxurious)

6. We all know the piracy of films and books is______. (elicit/illicit)

7. I nearly fell asleep as I sat through the ______documentary. (turbid/turgid)

8. He can incite his supporters to violence with his_____speech. (inflammable/inflammatory)

9. My contractor has an______way to make the concrete slabs look like wooden slabs. (ingenious/ingenuous)

10. During the domestic inquiry, the mana-ger remained calm and______in his treatment of his employees. (equable/ equitable)

11. Can she remember the______details of her dream? (vivid/livid)

12. I am impressed by the decor of the eatery, but put off by its dim and______ kitchen. (dismal/dismay)

13. The scented bath was a______delight for Pam who enjoyed it for hours. (sensuous/sensual)

14. Somebody has tried to______with the results of the school examination. (tamper/temper)

15. Would you like to_____for a photograph at this majestic waterfall? (pose/poise)

16. Motorcycles can______a traffic hazard when they weave in and out. (pose/poise)






1. advice 2. alternative 3. practice 4. discomposed 5. luxuriant 6. illicit 7. turgid

8. inflammatory 9. ingenious 10. equable 11. vivid 12. dismal 13. sensuous 14. tamper 15. pose 16 pose.

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