Base Form

Base form

Why the second verbs in the following sentences are in the base form and not in the past tense?

She made me cry.

(Why not “cried”?)

 The teacher made the student stand for hours.

(Why not “stood”?)

 My mother made James wash the dishes as punishment.

(Why not “washed”?)

 verbs are always in their “base form” for “to infinitives”, auxiliary “verbs to do” and “modal verbs”


Some verbs are followed by objects + base forms

(or infinitives without to) of other verbs,

as in the sentences above.

Among these verbs are:

 make,      help,      let,      see,     hear,     feel,       watch.


Here are more examples of sentences using these verbs:

 1. She always helps her mother cook the dinner every day.

 2. Her father lets her drive his new car.

 3. I saw a motorcyclist snatch her handbag yesterday.

 4. His parents saw and heard him sing in the concert last night.

 5. The mother felt her baby tremble with fear in her arms when he heard the loud bang.

 6. A lot of Malaysians watched Manchester United play against a Malaysian team last week.

Uncle Teng



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