Matters of the Heart

 To address the subject of hearts.

Since we often ponder in and with our hearts,

the heart reigns supreme as the seat of emotion.


Can you give the meaning of each heart” expression as it is used here?

1. Believe it or not, the lawyer who was defending my case stole my heart and I’m now married to her.

2. Really, your proposal came as no surprise to anyone. You’ve been wearing your heart on your sleeve from the day you met her.

3. Do you know that Barack Obama loved his grandmother so much that he’d go to visit her in a heartbeat if he had the chance?

4. It is the norm of all election campaigns that candidates go to great lengths to win the hearts of the voters.

5. The increasing rate of despicable acts against fellow human beings in our own country seems to suggest that an increasing number of people in our midst have traded their heart of flesh for a heart of stone.

6. It is important that we have our heart in the right place in all our dealings with one another.

7. Of course, I’m happy that my job takes me round the world, but I miss not having my family with me. After all, there is truth in the saying that home is where you hang your heart.

8. Everyone knew that the son was only a heartbeat away from becoming heir to his father’s fortune and corporate presidency.

9. Think what you will, but I still prefer to watch an old-fashioned romance film in this age and time because it really warms the cockles of my heart like no other.

10. Are you telling me, with hand on your heart, that you’ve not cheated on me?

11. Although I had only just met Mark, he opened his heart to me and I could feel the pain he had suffered.

12. My heart was in my boots as I waited for news from the hospital about my son’s accident.

13. Stop eating your heart out for Lisa. She has plainly told you that she loves Louis, not you.

14. The horrific nature of crimes committed in our own country is striking fear into the hearts of all Malaysians.

15. Parents are advised to talk heart to heart with their children when problems surface so as to better understand one another.

16. Roslyn vowed she would never forgive her father for the way he had treated her but she had a change of heart when he lay dying.

17. One needs both space and quiet time in which to ponder and make sense of things in one’s heart.

18. You know that is just one person’s review of your script. You shouldn’t take it so much to heart.

19. The young manager couldn’t find it in his heart to tell the old waiter that he was no longer required to come to work.

20. My niece failed in her second attempt to obtain a government scholarship, yet she did not lose heart.

21. My heart missed/skipped a beat when my boyfriend proposed to me on bended knee in front of my parents!

22. Being senior in age does not prevent one from remaining young at heart and having a zest for life.

23. It will surely do our heart good to see all Malaysians truly seeking to live in harmony as in the past.

24. Daily news reports of hostilities and accompanying picture stories of atrocities committed all over the world really tear my heart out.

25. We would like to take heart from the recent developments in the country that the Government will put the people first before all else.





1. to cause someone to love you

2. to make your feelings, especially love, obvious to others

3. immediately

4. to do nice things for people to make them like/love you

5. to be hard, unfeeling or cruel

6. to be kind and generous and have the right values in life

7. the place where your loved ones are

8. the next person in line to take over someone’s position if they die

9. makes one feel happy because it shows that people can be good and kind

10. in truth

11. to confide in someone

12. to feel anxious, worried or sad

13. to suffer from longing or envy because you want something you cannot have

14. make somebody feel fear

15. talk honestly and openly about one’s feelings

16. to undergo a change in feelings

17. the centre of one’s emotions/one’s deepest feelings and thoughts

18. to feel very upset or offended

19. to have the courage or compassion to do something

20. to feel discouraged because of failure

21. to feel excited or nervous

22. to do things that usually younger people enjoy doing

23. to feel happy, encouraged,

24. to make one feel very sad

25. to feel encouraged





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