Words Associated with Clothing

Some Word Expression

Associated with Clothing

1. Cap

To put on your thinking cap means

to think hard.

Example :-

We have to put on our thinking cap to

solve the mystery of the missing suitcase.


2. Coat

To cut your coat according to your cloth

means to spend within your means.

Example :-

During bad times, we should learn to

cut our coat according to our cloth.


3. Coat-tails

If you do something on the coat-tails

of someone else, you are able to do it

because of the other person’s success

and not due to your own efforts.

Example :-

He won the post because he was

riding on the coat-tails of his father.


4. Belt

a) To hit below the belt means

to resort to foul means.

Example :-

In any game you cannot hit below the belt.


b) To tighten your belt means to spend

less money and manage without

luxuries as you have less money.

Example :-

We have to tighten our belt since

we have just bought a house.


5. Hat

Someone who wears several hats has

several roles or jobs to perform.

Example :-

Joan is a talented lady who wears several hats.


6. Skirt

a) Something that skirts an area is

situated around the edge of it.

Example :-

There are cows grazing in the

field that skirts the lake.


b) If you skirt a problem,

you avoid dealing with it.

Example :-

He skirted the issue of raising

funds for the school.


7. Tie

a) Ties are connections that you

 have with people or a place.

Example :-

Malaysia has close ties with Indonesia.


b) If two people tie in a contest or game,

they have the same number of points

or same degree of success.

Example :-

There is a tie between the Red

house and the Green house.


8. Gloves

Something that fits like a glove fits perfectly.

To work hand in glove means to work closely.

Example :-

He and his brother work hand in glove

in running their timber business.


9. Cloak

To cloak something means to cover it or hide it.

Example :-

i) Mt Kinabalu was cloaked in mist.

ii) Her wedding plans were made

      under a cloak of secrecy.


10. Frills

Something which has no frills has

no extra features but only the basics.

Example :-

I stayed at a hotel which provided good

accommodation with no frills.


11. Lace

To lace food or drinks with a substance

such as a drug means to put a small

amount of it into the food or drinks.

Example :-

Some years ago, some chocolates in

Japan were laced with poison.


12. Collar

i) If you collar someone who has done something

wrong, who is escaping, you catch them or

hold them so that they cannot escape.

Example :-

               The thief tried to flee but was

                collared at the junction.

ii) Blue collar jobs require physical work

      such as making things in factories.

iii) White collar workers work in offices,

       and are better paid.

Example :-

       Many high-ranking officials are the

       brains behind white collar crimes.


13. Sleeve

If you have something up your sleeve,

you have an idea or plan which you

have not told anyone about.

Example :-

He was smiling at the meeting, so

I suspect he has a trick up his sleeve.


If you wear your heart on your sleeve,

you openly show your feelings.


14. Pants

i) If someone bores, charms or scares

     the pants off you, they bore,

     charm or scare you a lot.

Example :-

        His sweet talk scares the pants off me.


ii) If one person in a relationship,

      especially the woman,

       wears the pants, they are the

      one who makes all the decisions.

Example :-

      Mei Li is the one who wears the

      pants in her home.


Happy Learning


by Uncle Teng






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