Simple future and future continuous Tense

Future tense and

future continuous tense


Future tense -:    actions or events that will happen in the future.

Will           -:       to make predictions, to talk about action which we cannot control or to refer to something which we decide to do at the time of speaking.


John will retire as a senior engineer with the firm at the end of the year.

(Future action)

Asha will certainly win the beauty crown this year. She is not only beautiful but has a dynamic personality as well.


I will explain it to you, John.

(Intention to do something at the time of speaking)


We use the verb ‘to be’ + going to + base form of verb for actions which we have already planned to do in the future and for events in the future.

For actions which we had planned to do in the past but which did not occur, we use was/were + going to + base form of verb.


I am going to help my mother clean the house this Sunday.

(event planned for the future)

Many industrial workers are going to lose their jobs unless the economic situation improves.

(event which is likely to happen)

Hilda was going to come shopping with me this morning but she fell ill and decided to rest at home.

(planned action which did not happen)


We use the future continuous tense to refer to actions or situations which will be going on at a certain time in the future.


They will be announcing the results of the elections just after 6am tomorrow.


We use the future continuous tense to refer to actions or situations in the future which have already been planned or which take place regular.


The models will be displaying the latest in the summer collection at the international show in Paris this week.

(planned action for the future)

My whole family will be participating in the cross-country run as we do every year.

(regular action)


The future continuous tense is formed in this way:

Will be + base form of verb + ‘ing’

The Andersons will be leaving for the United Kingdom this Saturday.


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