Words that describe a person of good character


Mindful of small details, making sure that everything is done correctly.

Shanti will make a good doctor because she is very meticulous in her work.


Very careful to behave correctly and obey rules.

Our school Speech Day was a success because our punctilious teachers took care of everything.


To do things carefully, in a well-organised way.

My aunt always plans her Christmas dinner early in a methodical way.


Being quite obsessed that every detail is correct.

Her house is always spick and span, as she is fastidious about cleanliness.


Careful to avoid danger.

Sam is a cautious driver who does not like to drive very fast.


Takes great pains with details while working.

He is a popular surgeon because he is exacting and skilful.


Taking care to be exact and accurate.

As a scientist you have to be very precise in writing your articles.


Showing a lot of care and attention.

Judy is a conscientious student who checks her answers thoroughly before passing up her paper.


Showing close attention and effort in your work or duties.

Simon is a diligent worker who deserves to be promoted.

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