‘Seafood’ expressions

1. Clam

To clam up means to stop talking

because you are shy or want to

avoid giving away secrets.

Example :-

Amy clammed up during the meeting

because she was among strangers.


2. Fish

If you tell someone that there are

plenty more fish in the sea,  you

are comforting them by saying

that although their relationship

with someone has failed, there

are many other people they can

have relationships with.

Example :-

Fred is not sad about breaking up with

his girlfriend, because he knows that

there are plenty more fish in the sea.


3. Fishy

If you describe a situation as fishy,

you feel that someone is not telling

the truth or behaving honestly.

Example :-

I suspected something fishy when I saw

him carrying a big suitcase into my office.


4. Crabby

A crabby person is unpleasant

and bad-tempered.

Example :-

It is better to avoid a crabby person

who can spoil your day.


5. Oyster

If you say the world is your oyster,

you mean you can do anything or

 go anywhere you want to.

Example :-

You are young, and you have your whole future

ahead of you. The world is your oyster.


6. Cod

Something which is not genuine and

which is intended to deceive or amuse

people by looking like the real thing.

Example :-

The cod shoes are not comfortable at all.


7. Herring

A red herring takes your attention

away from the main subject or

problem you are considering.

Example :-

He planted many red herrings among

the clues for the treasure hunt.


8. Shark

A person is described as a shark if he

 tricks people by giving bad advice

about buying, selling or investing.

Example :-

Nobody likes to patronise his shop

because they know he is a shark.



by tengkp




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