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Boneless chicken feet, Kerabu


Boneless chicken feet, Kerabu, as it is commonly called in Malaysia, is a popular Thai food. No wonder they taste so good………because someone have salivated on it first.

無骨鳳爪 (YAAAK!!!)

The ghastly process by which the boneless chicken feet dish had to go through before it got served on a plate in a restaurant.

Once chicken feet are parboiled, then, laborers were employed to literally teeth out all the bones, before the dish enters its final part of garnishing, then it’s served to customers. YUK!!!!

無骨鳳爪 簡直全無 衛生可言, 你還敢食 嗎?

無 骨鳳爪是中餐廳常見的小菜, 也是港式飲茶的招牌菜。


Kerabu Chicken Feet looks delicious !!!

Bleached Chicken Feet before adding chilly sauce.

以 下是“加工” 過程: “ 鳳爪先用 開水煮至半熟,再用刀在雞爪背 上劃三道口子,然後用手掰開 皮,用牙齒啃咬下骨。”


1. 美 味的無 骨鳳爪就是這樣“用嘴”加工出來 的

–**–大 家知道吗? 我 们人的唾 液是最肮脏, 有 很多的细菌喔!!


Thai Chicken Feet Factory in Hadyai.


2. 工 人們正 在無骨(動 詞)鳳 爪, 一人一筐 (記件制度)


Workers biting out the chicken feet bones !!!

3. 男 女老少都可都可以“用


Biting out the bones for you !!! ???

Old worker doing the chicken feet for you.

嘴” 加工無骨 鳳爪

4. 讓 人噁心,竟然還不穿衣服


After biting it is flushed in water.


Sorry about my saliva, I bite first for you to enjoy boneless kerabu.                     

加 工方面

5. 泡 煮後的鳳爪,等待“用


Par-boiled and bleached chicken feet awaiting “biting” process.       嘴” 加工


Front view of Haadyai Boneless Chicken Feet Factory.   


The shop outlook does not look like it is in China, because normally the shop in China wouldn’t use that kind of gate, normally this kind of gate is found in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei or certain area in Indonesia.

Another point is. Do look carefully at the electrical supply meter: that is our Malaysia Sesco, Tenaga National, Southern Thailand or Sabah power supply meter, that is not China power supply company’s meter, so I strongly suspect this is in Thailand or Malaysia.

Remember if you like Kerabu,

Boneless Chicken Feet,

then be prepared to fall sick with Hepatitis.

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