Idiom 2


       Idiom 2


CHOOSE the idiom whose meaning is given in the brackets:

1. In the 1964 movie A Hard Day’s Night, John, Paul, George and Ringo are having a wonderful day, and the only (minor irritation) seems to be the odd behaviour of Paul’s grandfather.

(a) can of worms

(b) bad blood

(c) fly in the ointment


2. Paul says that his grandfather is good at (causing much trouble).

(a) rolling in the aisles

(b) stirring up a hornet’s nest

(c) stretching a point



3. Paul’s grandfather has (a most enjoyable time) at the gambling club.

(a) the time of his life

(b) a meal ticket

(c) the upper hand


4. John gives George (due commendation) for singing ‘I’m Happy Just to Dance with You’ splendidly.

(a) a big cheese

(b) full marks

(c) a blank cheque


5. Norm asks Ringo to (closely watch) Paul’s grandfather.

(a) keep company with

(b) cast sheep’s eyes at

 (c) keep an eye on


6. Paul’s grandfather is (doing something wrong) when he tells Ringo that his bandmates don’t appreciate his contribution to the band.

(a) up to no good

(b) playing with fire

 (c) spitting feathers


7. Paul’s grandfather finds himself (in trouble) when he tries to sell pictures of the Fab Four.

(a) in bad shape

(b) in hot water

(c) under the knife


8. The Fab Four (begin) Show Time with ‘Tell Me Why’.

(a) lift the lid off

(b) make a go of

(c) kick off



9. The concert (is very successful).

(a) blows the cobwebs away

(b) rings a bell

(c) goes off with a bang



10. The fans scream with delight at seeing their idols (in real life).

(a) in the raw

(b) in the flesh

(c) in the buff









1. c           2. B          3. a          4. b           5. c           6. a           7. B          8. c          9. c           10. b

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