Fewer or less



“Fewer” or “less”

The difference is …


The Arakan forest turtle measures

 less than 30cm in length.

There are fewer members of this

species left in the wild than ever before.


Fewer” orless

“Fewer” refers to the number of things counted.

“Fewer” is used with expressions denoting

                 things that can be counted.


                 ….fewer than four players

While “less” is used with mass terms

denoting things of measurable extent.



                    …..less paper,

                    …..less than a gallon of paint

Less than” is used before a plural noun that

                      denotes a measure of time,

                       amount, or distance:


                   …..less than three weeks;

                    ….less than $400;

                   …..less than 100km

Not many of these buildings are less than 30 years old.

      The thought here is not of individual years,

       but of a period of time; therefore, less.


 Another example:

       Some professors earn less than $7,500 a year.

       The thought is not of separate dollars

       but of a sum of money.


So … less refers to quantity or

          amount among things that are measured

          and to number among things that are counted.


Less …………is sometimes used with plural nouns

                       in the expressions no less than


                 No less than 30 of his colleagues

                 signed the letter and or less.


Proper usage is in the eye,

or mouth, of the beholder.

Depending on the usage,


less can be three of the four parts of speech.

As a noun:

He received less than he anticipated.

As an adjective:

This Christmas I had less time to spend with friends.

And as an adverb:

She is less happy.


Happy Learning


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