Phrasal verb 1

The skunk

“My wife likes to keep her pet skunk in our room,”

a man complains to the marriage counsellor.

“The creature is smelling the room out.

Can you imagine what I have to go through?”


“Why don’t you compromise?”

says the counselor.

 “Try opening the window.”

The man breaks into laughter.

“What? And let my bats escape?”


Smell (something) out: To cause (a place) to have a bad odour.

Go through: To experience (a difficulty).

Break into: To suddenly burst into.




The boxing champ

The heavyweight boxing champ was strolling in the park

with his girlfriend when a robber accosted them.

The famous fighter gave in to the thief’s demand for his wallet.

Later, the girlfriend asked,

“Didn’t it occur to you to save the situation by going for him?”

The boxer said,

“The wallet contained one thousand dollars,

 and on principle I never fight for under ten million.”


Give in: To surrender.

Occur to: To come into the mind of.

Go for: To attack physically.




The class trip

A school class visits the local police station.

The pupils see pictures of the country’s 10 most wanted criminals.

A little girl seems fascinated by a picture and

asks the sergeant if it really is the photo of a criminal.

“He’s a vicious killer,” replies the cop.

 “All the evidence points to him as the person

who blew away a family three months ago.”

The girl says,

“Why didn’t you put him away

when you took his picture?”


Point to: To indicate the strong possibility of.

Blow away: To kill (someone) using a gun.

Put away: To confine (someone) in a prison.


Happy learning





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