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How to Choose a Good Durian 

 6 Steps to Choosing A Good Durian

First of all, what is a good durian? For us, a good durian is one that is ripe, fresh and free from larvae/worms. However, a durian with worm doesn’t mean it is not good because it can still be delicious.

So how do you know if a durian is good or fresh? Here are some steps you can try when looking for a good durian:

1.        Look at the tip, if it is too dry means it is no longer fresh. A little dry is okay.
2.        Look at the bottom, if it is crack it may be over-ripe or not so fresh. But it still can be delicious.
3.        Smell the durian, if there is a strong smell, it is most likely good. If there is no smell, it is probably not ripe.
4.        Use your fingernails to scratch the durian; if it sounds hollow it is likely to be a good one.
5.        Put the durian close to your ear, shake it and listen carefully, if there is a ‘moving’ sound, it is likely to be good.
6.        Look for holes around the durian, if there is tiny hole somewhere, there is likely to be a worm (larva of an insect) that has burrow into it.
7.        Yes, there is actually a 7th step, but it’s not going to be useful. If you have the chance to open the durian, open it and taste it.

Ways of Opening A Durian
There are few ways to open the durian. Some might find opening a durian just too difficult, so I’ll list other methods in case you want to try another way.

1.        Use a short knife, one that is slightly bigger than the standard Swiss army knife- most durian farmers use this.
2.        Use a big knife, the one for chopping meat – ladies love to use this.
3.        Use bare hands – works well for some over-ripe durians.
4.        Use a special durian opener, which is made of wood.

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